The Gridnevs 2011

22 January - 27 February 2011

World renowned, award winning Russian figurative artists Valeriy and Katya Gridnev return to Iona House Gallery with their annual solo show from Saturday 22 January to Sunday 27 February.

Over 30 pieces are being exhibited including ballerinas, nudes, dancers, studio models, women in casual and evening wear, as well as some hunting scenes and foxhounds.

Painting from life, they not only capture form with accurate precision but also exquisitely portray the thoughts and emotions of their models.

The collection comprises of oils, pastels and charcoals with prices ranging from £2,100 to £12,500.

In addition twenty Russian paintings are being exhibited including work by Vladimir Rumyantsev, Sasha Larionova, Natalya Sultanova, Sergei Temerev, Andrei Smirnov, Alexei Kvaratskheliya, Olga Shirokova, Sabir and Svetlana Gadzhiev, Nikolai Reznichenko and Aktai Alirzyaev.

Paintings by Alan Parry and figurative sculpture by Walter Awlson complete the exhibition.