Spring Exhibition 2011

5 March - 25 April 2011

Trevor Price returns to the gallery with a significant body of work; over 25 pieces comprising originals and drypoints depict the relationship between couples. Influenced by many of the Cornish artists as well as Picasso and Henry Moore, Trevor’s style is instantly recognisable. Complimenting his style, Guy Routledge’s ceramic figures perch on posts and stacks. In addition, large relic heads, face plates and tall figures complete his collection.

The exhibition also includes five new artists to the gallery: Barry Hilton’s dramatic landscapes, Faisal Khouja’s evocative still life paintings, Jake Winkle’s energetic watercolours, Ali Yanya’s emotive figures and Jason Keeley’s powerful contemporary dancers.

Sculpture is by Steve Yeates where he makes use of unusual materials: stunning sophisticated women in flowing dresses made from vandalised bus shelter glass sit alongside papier mache figures with hidden messages and bronze people in small boxes.