John Lowrie Morrison OBE (Jolomo)

Saturday 22 November 2014 - Sunday, 11 January 2015

'The Light of Argyll and The Western Isles'

A new collection of over 50 paintings by John Lowrie Morrison OBE 

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Jolomo 'Stormy Evening, Machrihanish Beach, Kintyre' 30x30ins £6500Jolomo 'Soft Eveninglight, Loch Gruinart, Isle Of Islay' 24x24ins £4000Jolomo 'Summerlight, Columba's Beach, Iona' 24x24ins £4500Jolomo 'Eveninglight, Grogport Bridge, Kintyre' 24x24ins £4500Jolomo 'Crofts On The Shore, West Port, Kintyre' 24x24ins £4000Jolomo 'Bay At The Back Of The Ocean, Iona' 24x24ins £4000Jolomo 'An Autumn Gloaming, Isle Of Gigha' 16x16ins £3000Jolomo 'Still Eveninglight' Isle Of Gigha' 16x16ins £3500Jolomo 'Big Moon Near Duart, Isle Of Mull' 12x12ins £2500Jolomo 'Ben More From Iona' 12x12ins £2200Jolomo 'Quiet Evening At The Gauldrons, Kintyre' 24x24ins £4500