Walter Awlson

Walter’s interest in the human form stems from his secondary school days at Galashiels Academy and later from study at the Edinburgh College of Art. Since graduating Walter has taught in secondary schools and further education and he now works full-time as an artist. Walter produces beautiful figurative sculptures from clay moulds that are then 'Raku' fired. This is a process imported from Japan by Bernard Leach about forty years ago. It involves an initial firing at a low temperature, which is reached after quite a short period.

The figures are then placed immediately into a bin along with combustible material. The bin is sealed and the subsequent combustion produces varied colour effects in the original turquoise glaze. For example the mixing at the start of copper oxide into the clay, leads to the distinctive yellowing or rose-coloured texture when the pottery has been 'reduced' by combustion in the bin. Although several figures may be taken from the same mould, the process guarantees that no two will be identical in colouring and texture.

Figures are also available in a stoneware finish that can be placed outside although should not be exposed to frost.