Nichola Theakston

Nichola Theakston trained at Leeds Jacob Kramer, Exeter University and Cardiff College of Art & Design. She has established herself as one of Britain’s foremost wildlife sculptors, specialising in large scale ceramic pieces. She currently lives in rural Lincolnshire.

Nichola models the clay onto a metal armature. This allows her to work both quickly to capture a movement or position, as well as slowly and deliberately over weeks of careful study. It also allows for very large pieces to be undertaken as the weight is entirely supported by the structure.

Using photography and video to capture the spirit and essence of her subjects, she manages to fuse a strong sense of classical naturalism with a modern realism.
‘I aim to capture each animal's unique spirit and convey a sense of its grace and nobility. I use clay because it is sympathetic to my subject, conveying warmth and vitality’.

Nichola has exhibited widely throughout the UK and is collected enthusiastically by many, who appreciate her natural ability and technical skill coupled with sensitivity and awareness of her subject.

She is currently working on a completely new body of work, which we hope to exhibit in 2010.