Neil Mason

Neil swept from award to award across 2012 and into 2013. The Penguins started their exhibition march in spring 2012 at the annual exhibition of The Wildlife Art Society International at Nature in Art, Gloucester, then moved early summer to the National Exhibition of wildlife Art on the Wirral, Liverpool, followed by a late summer visit to Marwell International Wildlife Art Society's annual exhibition. In June 2014 year the penguins reappeared in London at the Mall Galleries for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013 exhibition.

Closing The Circle' consists of 40 individual penguins matched from 4 variations. This sculpture is a configuration representing a colony as they begin to form a closed circle in anticipation of a snow storm.

The Wildlife Artists Society International 2012:
Best Sculpture

National Exhibition of Wildlife Art 2012:
Focus Optics Award - Best 3D Work

Marwell International Wildlife Art Society 2012:
Best in Show (overall art work) and Best Sculpture

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Wildlife Artist of The Year 2013:
Winner 3D Category

Neil is based in Wiltshire. His work conveys the spirit and vulnerability of animals. ‘Sculpture articulates my desire to celebrate animals, to bring them closer and to preserve them as ‘petite monuments’, for fear of losing them forever. Too often our wildlife, like sculptures, are limited editions. My intention is simply for each sculpture to be entangled with emotional momentum.’

059 30 Oct14


059 30 Oct14

Neil Mason ‘Closing the Circle’ 40 marble resin penguins on a polycarbonate base diameter of base 21in (53cm), each penguin approximately 6in (15cm) tall