Hamish Mackie

Hamish Mackie was born in 1973 and grew up on a livestock farm in Cornwall. He has been sculpting as a career since 1996 and has works in public and private collections around the world. Hamish sculpts from life where possible; this helps him capture the essence of his subject. "Nothing beats following a heard of elephant in the bush, watching grouse on the moor, or deer in a wood."

He is an outdoors person hence the inspiration. The original is sculpted in clay or wax over armature made of steel and aluminium. From the original, a mould is made for the lost wax casting technique using a ceramic shell to pour the bronze into. Hamish is intrigued that it is possible to cast a fingerprint into bronze. He likes to leave a history in the sculpture surface as to how the anatomy was built up, the forceful push of his palm running down a leopard's leg generates power into the sculpture and leaves a history as to how it was made.