David Anthony Hall

Hall was first published in 1988 in an article marking the anniversary of the first 150 years of photography. He studied at the now Institute of Art and went on to become a professional still life photographer.

From 2001, he has produced stunning archival landscape prints from all over the world. His work is held in numerous private collections in seven countries.

Upon finding a suitable location he often waits days, weeks, even months and years for improvements in the available light, taking into account calculations of the various trajectories of the sun as the earth orbits throughout the seasons as well as the lunar tidal rhythm.

His photographs convey the beauty and diversity of nature and the forces that have made it so, in contrast to the frailty of human existence and how much we take for granted.

Hall is emotionally attached to these forces on our planet and wishes to create work that has the intensity of rousing our emotions and making a connection with the beauty of our natural world.

"The work that I exhibit gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, put simply 'This is exactly what I should be doing."

He finishes his work with face mounted acrylic block which protects the image from UV light and adds a 3-dimensional effect to the image.